• Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's Natural Black 8
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's Natural Black 6
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's Aqua Blue 7
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's Ruby Burgundy 7
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's Ruby Burgundy 9
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers Neeman's
  • Wool Loafers

    Ruby Burgundy
    Aqua Blue
    Natural Black
    Size (UK)

    Shoes that fit your life, Comfortably

    • Light Weight
    • Flexible
    • Comfortable
    • Breathable
    • Socks Free
    • Odor Resistant
    • Machine Washable
    • Natural & Renewable
    • Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
    • Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Loafers are the “popular kids” of the shoe world: they’re stylish enough to stand out in the crowd, and they fit in everywhere. And with your Neeman’s Wool loafers, you can rest assured your feet are the coolest in the room (literally – they’re temperature-regulating too).

    Slide them on before leaving the house for all-day comfort, no matter where the day takes you.

    India's First Shoes Made with Merino Wool

    You’ve never owned a shoe like this before. Neeman’s shoes are made from ultra-fine Australian Merino wool . Our shoes go through a proprietary knitting process to create a fabric so soft and lightweight that it feels like a second skin.

    Neeman's - Warm Shoes in Winter For Men

    Stay Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter

    Our Merino Wool shoes are built to survive even in extreme weather conditions. The lightweight and breathable material can keep the wearer cool during warm weather and warm during the winter season. The shoes are made with Natural materials which adjust based on the body's and outside temperature.



    Removable padded insoles are made from foam for extra cushion and support, then lined with our unique Merino wool fabric for supreme comfort and softness. Our insoles are made from environmentally-friendly materials like Castor Bean oil and recycled rubber to reduce your shoe’s carbon footprint.


    Our outsoles are made from an eco-friendly composition of co-polymers for a perfect blend of lightweight and shock-absorbing grip. Their unique diamond pattern provides a superior grip, so you can get on with your day on steady footing, no matter what life throws at you.

    Neemans Shoe Box

    Still looking for reasons to try Neeman's ?

    Read what our customers have to say about us below - From over 1000+ reviews , we have a 4.86/5 Average Rating .  Don't take our word for it , Try them for yourself risk-free for 7 days .


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1190 reviews
    Comfortable yet affordable; impeccable logistics by Newman's

    This was my first purchase from Neeman's and I can say without a doubt that there will many more purchases by me in the future. I am really impressed by the quality of the material used and the level of comfort it gives me. Their delivery tie up is incredibly amazing. In times like these they were able to get the product delivered from Hyderabad to Kanpur within 3 days of my placing the order. They have an extremely responsive and responsible customer support service (via emails), which took care of my delivery related concerns.
    I am immensely happy with my purchase.
    Keep up the good work!!!! Kudos to team, Newman's.

    Awesome Product !

    Soft comfortable , wearing them without socks is amazing experience , Perhaps the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn , Thanks for Neemans .


    Awesome Shoes.

    Extremely comfortable!

    These slippers are extremely comfortable. They look chic, are soft and very lightweight. I hope they last long. Good job.

    Wool joggers are Simply Awesome, very comfortable.

    I liked the most about neemans is that the service is really very good. I ordered sand brown wool joggers from CRED app but i felt color is not matching my mind so wanted to replace it with Coal black wool. I sent request to CRED but they denied saying u got this in spacial offer and we can not proceed with your request. Then directly i submitted my request to Neemans official mail and they responded too. Withing 5 days i got my replacement done. Thanks to neemans and for your service.

    Size Chart
    UK Size US Men Size US Women Size Standard
    EU Size
    Foot Length
    3 4 5.5 35.5 21.9
    4 5 6.5 37 22.8
    5 6 7.5 38 23.7
    6 7 8.5 39 24.6
    7 8 9.5 41 25.4
    8 9 10.5 42 26.3
    9 10 11.5 43 27.2
    10 11 12.5 45 28
    11 12 13.5 46 28.9
    12 13 14.5 47 30
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